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Wooden Bed

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Product nameWooden Bed
TypeHome furniture
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1.Solid wood bed board, durable and stable: the bed board is made of high quality solid wood, and the frame of this bed is also made of high quality wood, so it is very durable and stable;

2.Large space, drawer storage: The bed at the bottom of the bed has drawers, these drawers have a good storage function, so you can put some small objects you like inside;

3.Good quality: solid wood bed has good hardness, firm and durable, and the wood grain is clear and bright;

4 Environmentally friendly and good texture: the bed is made of solid wood, without odor and full of texture;

5.Solid wood backrest and ergonomic principle: the bed reinforcement is high and the curve is smooth, the texture is clear and will not scratch our hands;

6.Good material selection: The wood texture used is straight, and there is silky luster after planing. The selected wood is not deformed and warped, and it has strong electrical insulation, low thermal conductivity, strong water resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

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