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Living Room Furniture The Maintenance Method
Shandong Kult Furniture Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017

 Living room Furniture Today's living room furniture design, in fact, is to design a new way of life, work, leisure and entertainment. People pay attention to the living room furniture, color and room decoration coordination, while reflecting the owner's temperament and hobbies. Living room furniture tends to be simple, thin, practical, some living room furniture and even cardboard production. Its product design using the principle of mechanics, made of furniture with sufficient strength, while the furniture surface coated with protective paint, after a special treatment to solve the pressure and fear of water two weaknesses, so that the furniture has a certain paper Moisture, water, mildew, anti-moth and other functions.

  Living room Furniture Living room furniture is a common problem of cracking or shrinkage. This is because the furniture material hard, dense, to completely eliminate the internal stress of the plate takes a long time; second in the south of solid wood furniture due to environmental factors, the material moisture content is slightly higher. In the dry weather conditions in the north after a few months after the local prone to shrinkage cracking, which is a normal phenomenon. After the manufacturers free warranty, about a year or so to eliminate this phenomenon.

1. Furniture placed in the room should be away from the door, window, tuyere and other air circulation strong parts, not to be direct sunlight;

2. Try not to put in the vicinity of the winter heating, so as to avoid overheating caused by local dry shrinkage cracking;

3. To maintain the indoor air humidity, indoor temperature maintained at 25 ℃ or so, humidity maintained at 70 ~ 80% between the summer rainy season should always open air conditioning to reduce moisture absorption and expansion, to avoid the structure of the tenon structure Sewn

4. Keep the furniture clean and tidy, the daily use of dry soft cotton cloth to wipe the dust. Should not use chemical brightener, so as not to damage the film sticky. In order to maintain the brightness of the furniture film, the walnuts can be crushed, peeled, and then three layers of gauze bag, made of oil rub, the surface of the oil, then gauze to oil polishing.

5. Taiwan furniture panel, in order to protect the film is not scratched, but also to show the wood arts and crafts, generally placed on the table thick glass plate, and in the glass plate and wooden table with a small sucker pad between the pad. It is recommended not to use transparent polyethylene crystal plate;

6. If the mobile furniture, furniture should be brought to move, can not be dragged, so as not to cause the overall structure of furniture loose.

  Living room Furniture Home living room is not only the use of guest, as well as learning, eating, leisure and other functions, the status of the home is very important, so we do living in the living room, can not have the slightest sloppy, equipped with excellent quality can not only improve Our taste also makes it possible for us to have a good mood for a whole day, so the reasonable living room furniture layout, the overall style of choice, the living room furniture selection is very important.

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